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Vintage Natural History Prints and Illustrations

Our mission from day one was to collect, restore, and repurpose the beautiful lost and forgotten artwork of the past for the modern creator in the highest quality possible. Initially, we did this through curated packs of illustrations but our obsession with uncovering these gems was too overwhelming to keep up with.

Over the years we have curated a one-of-a-kind collection with each and every piece as useful as the last for artists, designers, illustrators, and everyone in between. Our house is overflowing and this is just the beginning. Abbie and I are very excited to be finally sharing this collection with you. Thank you for your support.

Tom & Abbie (Co-Founders of Tom Chalky/Inspiration Hut)

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Not Your Average 'Stock' Website

Over the years we have spent a small fortuneĀ on antique books, prints, and ephemera. The requirements of the modern creator were at the forefront of every purchase, making our collection extremely useful for artists and designers. Below are just a few things we think make us different

No Middle Man

It's just us. The images are from our own collection and we have full control over licensing and pricing; You save a ton and can relax with more creative freedom!

One size; Huge!

In this case, one size fits all! No paying extra for XL images. We'll give you the high-resolution original. Captured with the latest technology for jaw-dropping details.

Only Vintage

All of our images are pre-1911 full of beautiful imperfections and details. Covering a wide range of topics. A vintage lover's dream curated by designers, for you.

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Our supporters and members help us continue collecting and restoring these wonderful pieces of art for the modern creator


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